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Massage Art Studio

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The art of massage is guiding the mind to a lucid state allowing for the journey of healing to begin

You have come to the right place.......... Massage Art Studio is here to help you get back to your feel good self. We offer a number of services to help you achieve your goals of feeling like a better you.


Breathe, Relax, and Renew!

Massage Art Studio Offers:

NeuroMuscular Therapy                             Hot Stone Therapy                            Spa Therapies (Mobile Only)

Swedish Massage                                          Sports Massage                                   Pre-Natal Massage

Cupping Massage (non-stationary)          Myofascial Release                             Reflexology

Lymphatic Facilitation                                 Reiki                                                      Foot Scrub Therapies                                  

Customized Deep Tissue Massage             Seated/Chair Massage                       Bamboo Massage

Corporate Massage                                       Aroma Therapy